Options for Treating Termites

There are few things you can do in the interim to eliminate conditions which are conducive to termites. While you are taking care of these items you can research the various methods in which termites are treated which include wood treatments,Guest Posting chemical barrier treatments, termite baiting and Termidor. Over the past few years, the number of subterranean termite treatment methods has increased dramatically.

While deciding which type of termite treatment option is right for your particular termite problem it is important that you take the time to clear up all Pest control near me the areas that allow them to get into the structure of your home. Some of the things you might consider doing is fixing any leaky hose taps or downspouts. In fact, try to eliminate any source of excess water near or in the structure. Vents should be installed to provide adequate ventilation in crawl spaces and other such areas. Also, it is extremely important to eliminate and contact between wood and soil. Sometimes this means removing the wooden clapboard (the bottom run or perhaps two) that touches the ground/soil.

In the past there were highly effective treatments for the elimination of termites but those chemicals are no longer used in the United States. As of 1988 the government banned their use which led to a widespread search for a chemical that would be as efficient but safer and within legal guidelines. The product that was banned was called Chlordane which was an organochlorine in the same family of chemicals as DDT. The procedure for treating with Chlordane was quite involved, time-consuming and costly. Albeit, it was perhaps one of the most effective products to ever be on the market and as a result many homes today which were treated 40 or 50 years ago still remain termite free. Unfortunately, it did pose very real health risks which precipitated it being banned.

Wood Treatment

It seems that the more we progress technologically, the more we find that ‘old fashioned’ ways are best. Some of the most popular termite treatment options use old products in new ways. One such product that is growing in popularity is boric acid. It can be used to treat wood directly, has low toxicity to humans but is highly toxic to termites. It can be sprayed/spread directly on the wood and the residual effects are long lasting. However, this type of treatment necessitates access to all wooden beams or other wooden members which only works when the structure is under construction and it is quite time consuming. This is not a treatment of choice for an existing building with termite infestation.